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Privacy Statement

MAGARI JAPAN Co., Ltd.(here after called the company) recognizes that personal information must be handled as confidential and it’s our responsibility to protect it.
Additionally, the company shall follow the law and other applicable rules.

Collecting personal information

When the company collects personal information for business reasons it shall disclose the purpose of use and shall not use the information for any other purposes.

Managing and protecting personal information

The company shall protect clients’ personal information by executing reasonable and appropriate levels of security to prevent it from being accessed illegally, lost, broken, tampered with or leaked.

Providing personal information to third parties

The company shall not disclose or provide clients’ personal information to any third party unless the clients have agreed or is requested properly by law.
Also when the company discloses clients’ personal information to external contractors it shall attempt to protect the information from being leaked or provided to others by concluding a confidentiality contract beforehand.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

When the company receives a request for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information by that person it shall respond promptly after verifying that person’s identity.

Execution of continuous improvement

Regarding handling of personal information,
the company shall periodically review the above terms and revise if necessary.
The company shall announce any policy changes on the company website.